Together we create the multilingual future.

Maša Lancner

univ. dipl. prof. špan.,
univ. dipl. japon.,
Inž. fotografije

At first, she dedicated her time to studies – Spanish and Japanese, where she learnt about foreign cultures besides languages. By travelling and living in Spain, South America and Japan, she gained rich experiences from those cultures and their everyday lives.

The love she feels for art lead her to studying photography, which completely enchanted her, therefore, she went to an exchange E-Artsup in Paris, following Erasmus practice for young entrepreneurs in Madrid.

After returning from Madrid, she decided she wants to share her knowledge and experience with others and offer them in form of lectures, workshops and courses. She established an institution with intent of developing interest for different cultures and art forms as well as encourage dialogue between an individual and society. She is the founder of iManaLAB institution.

Mojca Ars Stubelj

univ. dipl. ekologinja

Mojca owns a PhD in environmental science and is active in various areas. Reading and writing, music and movement are parts of her everyday life. She adores children ever since she became a mother herself. This is when she started writing stories for children, with which she passes heartfelt messages to the youngest among us. The speciality of her books is that they are written in many languages and are suitable for early language learning.

Mojca actively speaks four languages, she likes visual art and is a dyslectic. She sees her career continuing in the field of youth education via experience pedagogics and cultural projects. As an ecologist, she remains active in the field of sustainable tourism with emphasis on protecting nature.

Mojca is the founder of trademark MINI POLIGLOTINI and a start-up bearing the same name.

The festival linGOculture is the outcome of love for languages. Two polyglots, Mojca and Maša, united their knowledge and talents and started to collaborate on early language learning projects. Together they conduct language workshops, summer language camps and different cultural projects.

The festival linGOcultira is organized by:

Mini Poliglotini

Zavod iManaLAB

Društvo KUD Krea


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The event was financially supported by the Embassy of the United States of America, the Embassy of the Kingdom of Spain, the Republic of Slovenia Public Fund for Cultural Activities and GECT GO / EZTS GO.